President’s Perspective

JaimieNiskaWhat an opportunity it is to be part of the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce!

I use the word “opportunity” in every sense of the word. A chance to make a difference. A privilege to contribute positively to our communities.

Since beginning my stint as Laurentian Chamber President/CEO in late August of 2016, my head is filled with ideas, my desk filled with notes, my calendar with meetings, and my heart…well, it’s full of optimism for a place most of us hold near and dear to our own hearts. A place I have always and likely will forever call, “home.”

You see, I, too, am a descendant of immigrants who came to the region from Finland and Sweden, merely three generations ago, who chose to make the Iron Range their home.

By trade, some were miners, some loggers, others farmers, teachers, military personnel and others small business owners. Everyone had a role and sense of place in the community. They built the foundations (literally and figuratively) of the region we are part of today.

Much like these immigrants who prospected and came to the Iron Range hundreds of years ago, we, too, have the opportunity…a chance…a break…an occasion to build the foundations of the future.

Like nearly every melting pot scattered throughout the United States, large industry supports the core of our local economy. And small, family-owned businesses along with healthcare, education, recreation and the service sector, as they have for decades, deliver first-class hospitality to our local communities and visitors.

As the new Laurentian Chamber of Commerce President, I look forward to serving the region I’ve been blessed to call “home” for four decades.

Through community partnerships, a positive reflection on the region and a whole lot of Iron Range “SISU” (Google it), we have the opportunity to abridge the past and connect communities (much like that massive bridge that’ll soon be connecting the Quad Cities) to make the Iron Range OUR “home” for generations to come.

Jaimie Niska, President
Laurentian Chamber of Commerce













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