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The recorded discovery of deposits of ore in the Eveleth area occurred in July 1892, when Mr. Adams was using a spring pole drill. However, it was not until the October 1892 that the Adams Mining Company was formed. The discovery of ore deposits and formation of the Adams Mining Company are generally considered the beginning of Eveleth. Eveleth has five sites on the National Register of Historic Sites and has provided 6 members of US Olympic Hockey Teams (Andre Gambucci, Willard Ikola, John Matchefts, John Mayasich, Mark Pavelich and Tom Yurkovich).

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Gilbert’s beginnings can be traced to a mining location which began around 1892 and became the Village of Sparta in 1896. When the town had to move to clear the way for iron ore mining, it took the name of the nearest group of mines – Gilbert. Today the Gilbert mine is gone, but the City of Gilbert is located just outside of Virginia, on Highway 135, and Sparta is a smaller community between Eveleth and Gilbert.

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Mountain Iron

Iron Ore was discovered in Mountain Iron by Leonidas Merritt in 1890. This is considered the birth of iron ore mining on the Mesabi Iron Range. Each year in August Mountain Iron celebrates this event with Merritt Days. Mountain Iron is the birthplace of the Mesabi Iron Range.

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Iron Ore was discovered in the Virginia area in March 1892. Virginia was settled to accommodate the Iron Ore Mining in the area. Lumbering came later to take care of the settlement in building the town. Both turned out to be big businesses. At one time Virginia had both the largest White Pine Mill in the world and the biggest ore producing mine-Mesaba Mountain. Virginia got its name “Queen City Mesaba” because of it’s progressiveness. Virginia has fifteen buildings on the National Register of Historic Places and the downtown commercial district is also on the register.

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