Eveleth Heritage Committee

The Eveleth Heritage Committee is one of three Independent Bureaus of the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce.

The mission of the Eveleth Heritage Committee is to help maintain and expand the economic vitality of the community by supporting and promoting the preservation and interpretation of the culture, history, and heritage of Eveleth.

Chair Bill Aho, Vice Chair Genevive Jam and Secretary/Treasurer Lois Ferguson.


The Eveleth Heritage Committee meets on the Second Tuesday of each month at 12:00 Noon at the Eveleth Super 8 – Hwy 53. For more information, contact Bill Aho at the Super 8 (218-744-1661) or Bernie at the Chamber (218-741-2717).

Ongoing Projects:

Throughout 2015 the Eveleth Heritage Committee will be focused on the following projec

On July 4, 2015 the Eveleth Heritage Committee will be showcasing some of Eveleth’s history with a display of photos, newspaper articles, and other memorabilia after the parade.

If you have information of historical interest to share concerning Eveleth, please contact the Eveleth Heritage Committee via e-mail: evelethheritagecommittee@gmail.com

You may also mail your information to:

Eveleth Heritage Committee
c/o Laurentian Chamber of Commerce
704 N. 6th Ave, Ste B
Virginia, MN 55792

or e-mail to admin@laurentianchamber.org.

Heritage Links

To find out more about current projects that the Eveleth Heritage Committee  is working on, visit the Eveleth Forever website at http://www.evelethforever.com/.

Historic Preservation Award

One of the activities the Committee undertakes is an annual gathering to discuss some aspect of Eveleth’s history and to present an award for preservation of some aspect of Eveleth’s heritage. Each year since 1999 the Eveleth Heritage Committee has presented an award to the owners of a building (commercial, residential, or government) for maintenance of a building with historic significance.

The following are the award winners:

Please check back later for photos of the houses and the award winners.

This Place Matters

Just three small words, but they speak volumes. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has worked since 1949 to save America’s historic places for the next generation. Since 1999 the Eveleth Heritage Committee has worked to recognize annually the buildings in Eveleth (homes as well as businesses) and the owners who have made an effort to preserve or maintain them for their historical significance.

It is important that people protect, enhance, and enjoy the places that matter to them – and Eveleth is no exception. It’s up to all of us to make sure that our favorite landmarks get the spotlight they deserve. During the summer of 2012 members of the Eveleth Heritage Committee will be placing This Place Matters signs at buildings that they feel matter to our lives in Eveleth and to promote awareness of Eveleth’s unique and irreplaceable landmarks. The This Place Matters project highlights the important role that historic buildings and properties play in preserving our national heritage as well as in preserving our environment.

We ask that residents and visitors to Eveleth look at the buildings where the signs have been posted and consider what stories these buildings have to tell – about our past and about our future.  If you feel that a building should be considered for an Eveleth Heritage Committee This Place Matters Award, please let us know.  You may call the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce (218-741-2717) or send an e-mail to EvelethHeritageCommitee@gmail.com.

As residents and friends of Eveleth, you may wish to start conversations among your friends and family about preserving Eveleth’s heritage. With everyone’s involvement in our participation in the This Place Matters project, we can look to move toward a future full of a more meaningful and sustainable community with the power to inspire people to protect Eveleth’s history. We want to make sure that Eveleth’s historic preservation efforts inspire people across the Iron Range.

We welcome your thoughts, comments, and input about this project.

This Place Matters Awards winners:


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