8th Congressional District Virtual Forum

The Laurentian, Grand Rapids, Chisholm and Hibbing Chambers of Commerce worked together to hold a virtual forum between Congressman Pete Stauber and Quinn Nystrom on Monday, September 28. The event was moderated by Steve Potts from Hibbing Community College and streamed online via Facebook Live and Zoom.

Please click here to view an archived version:  https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/R9knoqsIVuJu1SG6R-drNBuQz4U-f4wTkJt2UVXOpeDqzTQg2fFuc0k9u6lqRDph7KDhrVrctXdBeZaV.Nl8RSeiPxCEW1VMa?startTime=1601301741000&_x_zm_rtaid=3bV8jplzSBiqEP-wiruttA.1601480339642.2384c91d572baed56d1891c8ab205e80&_x_zm_rhtaid=390