Elections Have Consequences

Trump or Biden?

Smith or Lewis?

Stauber or Nystrom?

We tend to focus our interest on national elections.  These races are important, and a lot of money will be spent trying to convince us to vote either for them or against them, but don’t forget about our local municipal and judicial elections.  You probably won’t see television ads talking about Peggy Anderson or Stephen Skogman, but if you live in Mt. Iron that election may impact your life more than the national ones.

The city councilors, mayors, school board members and judges we elect have a big impact on our lives.  They set property tax levies, put bond referendums forward, set education policy, interpret legislative intent, are responsible for getting pot holes filled, license businesses and issue a myriad of permits.  Take the time to educate yourself about these candidates.  Ask them questions about our business climate and let them know what issues are important to you.

Here is a list of candidates in the contested municipal and judicial elections in our region.

City Council
Joni Dahl tarja3@outlook.com 218-780-7447
Mark Heitzman mlhgilbert@gmail.com 218-750-0813
Dan Peterson danwpete@gmail.com 218-248-9044
Jeremy Michael Skenzich 218-780-9884
Mt. Iron
Petty Anderson 218-735-8911
Stephen Skogman 218-735-8328
Mt. Iron
City Council
Daniel Gunderson 218-750-4492
Ed Roskowski 218-749-4204
Alan Stanaway 218-780-0114
Joe Prebeg Jr. 218-290-7215
City Council
Carl Baranzelli 218-741-9336
Clancy Graham 218-310-4388
Steven B. Johnson stevenbforv@gmail.com 218-994-2094
Matt Matasich 218-741-1162
Julianne Paulsen 218-929-2100
Jamie Winger jmwinger76@gmail.com 218-780-4870
Judicial Election
Minnesota Supreme Court
Michelle McDonald www.macdonaldforjustice.com 612-554-0932
Paul Thissen www.paulthissen.com 612-940-3779