Bands, Brews, & BBQ

September 20th, 2018 | 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Bands, Brews, & BBQ

Thursday, September 20th from 4-8pm!

To try and spread out summer as long as we can, we are extending our Bands, Brews, & BBQ event through September!

Join us for a signature smoked item with other menu options along with a signature cocktail! Each week, we’ll offer a new smoked item for $10 and cocktail for $5.


Featured Band: Red Dirt Rendezvous from 5-7pm

Red Dirt Rendezvous is a fun loving, easy listening band that calls the Iron Range home. Currently in it’s freshman year, RDR appeals to music lovers of many kinds with its mix of rock, country, soul, and folk genres. The band enjoys blending their full range of voices in soulful harmonies to create their signature sound. With its decades of collective musical experience, Red Dirt Rendezvous seeks to share the joy of music with all who come to listen.


Featured From the Smoker This Week: $10

St. Louis Ribs 

Bread and Butter Coleslaw / Corn Bread Muffin


Featured Cocktail: $5

Peach Julep

Whiskey / Peach Schnapps / Lemon Sour


Not So BBQ: $8

Smoked Waldorf Salad

Puff Pastry / Celery / Raisins / Candied Walnuts / Smoked Apples / Greek Yogurt / Corn Bread Muffin


Smaller Bites

Hotdog- $4

Brat – $4

Cold Treats – $3

Side Of Bread And Butter Coleslaw $2

Bag Of Kettle Chips $2


Purchase the signature item and receive $1 off mini golf!

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