Message from our President: Reopening Businesses

This is an exciting time when most businesses are open (or can reopen soon).  Reopening is going to look a little bit different for every business, and it’s important that we do it right.  As you reopen, or set up your reopening plan, please try to think about your business from the perspective of your customers.  This is a chance for you to gain a bit of a competitive advantage by making sure people feel safe visiting your location.  Try to think of that hand sanitizer not as a government requirement but as something that makes your customers feel comfortable.  How can you do a little bit more to show your customers you care?  We all like to shop at places that make us feel valued.  This is your chance to show your customers you do value them.

At the Chamber we are excited to help our members as they reopen.  Social distancing requirements prevent us from gathering in large groups, but please let us know if there are creative ways we can help you.  This might be a great time to schedule a ribbon cutting or offer a drawing for people who check in at your business on our new Shop the Range app.  We want to partner with you and help your business thrive in this new environment.  Please reach out and share your ideas with us!

Erik Holmstrom