Welcome to the new Shop The Range mobile app!

Now more than ever we need to SUPPORT our local small businesses!  They need your help and so does the community.  Dollars spent locally stay locally.

Lots of businesses are offering curbside pick up, take out, delivery and online shopping with direct ship to your door!

How can you help us help them?  Download the Shop The Range mobile application and we can get started in supporting all of our business members!  You can find your local Chamber Business locations, hours and URL’s.  Check-in and receive promotional information all in one spot!

Below are the links on where to find the application to download and we also have included some great infographics on how the application works!

Here are the links to download for your Apple or Android devices:

Shop the Range Android:

Shop the Range Apple:

So what are you waiting for?  Download NOW and start supporting our local businesses and communities!  Remember to “check-in”

Questions:  just email us at events@laurentianchamber.org