Welcome to the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce

Connecting communities on the Iron Range and moving business forward

The Laurentian Chamber of Commerce represents the cities of Eveleth, Gilbert, Mountain Iron, Virginia and surrounding northern Minnesota business communities. The Laurentian chamber plays a key role in community partnerships and is an advocate for business development, retention, and expansion.

Presenting natural beauty, excellent education and healthcare, unbounded recreation and a strong history, along with the desire to make this region of Minnesota a “Boomtown” for economic development and business expansion, the communities encompassed within the the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce region have much to offer.

Much like the immigrants who prospected and came to the Iron Range hundreds of years ago, this region is in the midst of building the foundations of the future Iron Range RIGHT NOW. There’s no better time to place to be!

Big things are happening in our Laurentian Chamber of Commerce service area every single day, allowing us to further connect our four communities (and surrounding area) and move business forward.

Like nearly every melting pot scattered throughout the United States, large industry supports the core of our local economy. And small, family-owned businesses along with healthcare, education, recreation and the service sector (as they have for decades) deliver first-class hospitality to our local communities and visitors.

Through community partnerships, a positive reflection within the region and a whole lot of Iron Range tenacity, we have the opportunity to abridge the past and connect communities (much like that massive bridge that’ll soon be connecting northern Minnesota’s Quad Cities) to make the Iron Range our #home for generations to come.

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