2021 Board of Directors

The Laurentian Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 7:30-8:30a.m.

Welcome and thank you to the following individuals for being a part of the 2021 Board of Directors!


  • Arik Forsman, Chair Arik Forsman, Chair Minnesota Power
  • Rick Crum, Past Chair Rick Crum, Past Chair Northeast Technical Services
  • Nicholas Mathiowetz, 1st Vice Chair Nicholas Mathiowetz, 1st Vice Chair NorthRidge Community Credit Union
  • Brad Gustafson, Treasurer Brad Gustafson, Treasurer D. Gust Mini Storage
  • Jon Hoel Jon Hoel Miners National Bank
  • Chrissy Bartovich Chrissy Bartovich U.S. Steel Minnesota Ore Operations
  • Bill Aho Bill Aho Super 8/AmericInn
  • Chad Buggert Chad Buggert YMCA
  • Nathan Dahl Nathan Dahl American Bank
  • Tom Dean Tom Dean Dean Financial Services
  • Dana Sanders Dana Sanders Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota
  • Mike Glissman Mike Glissman Polymet
  • Jaime Johnson Jaime Johnson Cleveland Cliffs - Minorca
  • Linda Johnson Linda Johnson Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board
  • Sandy Karnowski Sandy Karnowski Cleveland Cliffs
  • Amy Klima Amy Klima Superior Rock Bit
  • Christy Lang Christy Lang Midwest Communications
  • Jamie Lindseth Jamie Lindseth Range Reliable Insurance
  • Dave Lislegard Dave Lislegard Lakehead Constructors, Inc
  • Betsy Olivanti Betsy Olivanti Northland SBDC
  • Kristin Pessenda Kristin Pessenda American Family Insurance
  • Linda Scott Linda Scott UpNorth Title
  • John Ward John Ward Komatsu
  • Sam Stone Sam Stone Essentia Health