2022 Board of Directors

The Laurentian Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 7:30-8:30a.m.

Welcome and thank you to the following individuals for being a part of the 2022 Board of Directors!


  • Nicholas Mathiowetz, Chair Nicholas Mathiowetz, Chair NorthRidge Community Credit Union "A thriving business environment is critical for healthy communities, and chamber membership is a natural way to promote that."
  • Nathan Dahl, 1st Vice Chair Nathan Dahl, 1st Vice Chair Northern State Bank of Virginia
  • Amy Klima, 2nd Vice Chair Amy Klima, 2nd Vice Chair Superior Rock Bit Company "I'm involved with the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce to support established businesses and help new businesses thrive to ensure the future growth of our region."
  • Brad Gustafson, Treasurer Brad Gustafson, Treasurer The Forge Social Haus & St. Louis County Community Development "I'm involved with the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce because it allows me the opportunity to give back to the community who gave me so much growing up. It feels good to do good!"
  • Arik Forsman, Past Chair Arik Forsman, Past Chair Minnesota Power "ALLETE/Minnesota Power is proud to be a member of the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce and to support our shared goals of growing a thriving economy here in northeastern Minnesota. Personally, it feels good for me to give back to my Iron Range roots by supporting this organization and all of the great work we do. The future is bright when we align and advocate together, and the Laurentian Chamber is helping lead the charge for the long-term success of our communities and region."
  • Chad Buus Chad Buus United States Steel "Getting involved with the Chamber allows us to be an advocate for the Iron Range and our future here. It’s a great opportunity to work with incredible people and organizations. "
  • Tom Dean Tom Dean Up North Adventure Vans
  • Abigail Hejda Abigail Hejda A Little Photography "As a small business owner and a teleworker, being an ambassador and board member for the chamber means I am able to increase visibility and credibility of my photography business while networking and becoming better connected with businesses and members of my local community."
  • Justine Henry Justine Henry Northeast Technical Services "The Laurentian Chamber is a tireless advocate for the legislative agenda of the businesses of the Iron Range and works hard to advocate for our economic well-being. Through NTS’s membership and my position as a board member, I’ve been able to be a part of the rewarding process of getting to know the needs of our business community and promoting the best interests of our region. I am also impressed with the networking opportunities available which bring awareness of our local businesses and develop relationships with the business community."
  • Jon Hoel Jon Hoel Miners National Bank of Eveleth
  • Sandy Karnowski Sandy Karnowski Cleveland-Cliffs "Cleveland-Cliffs is a proud member of the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce because it’s a true partner organization that will always show up, speak up and stand up for area businesses. The Chamber is also a collaborator and facilitator that brings businesses together for the betterment of the community. Our partnership with the Chamber and local community is integral to the success of Cleveland-Cliffs."
  • Christy Lang Christy Lang Midwest Communications
  • Dana Sanders Dana Sanders Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota "I joined the Chamber to represent Blue Cross and Blue Shield. My goal is to effectively drive change when it comes to equality within healthcare and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and communities. “You will either step forward into growth, or step backward into safety” – Abraham Maslow. I opt to actively move forward, embrace change and evolve into the best versions of ourselves."
  • John Ward John Ward Komatsu
  • Linda Scott Linda Scott Up North Title Company
  • Fred Seymour Fred Seymour Giants Ridge Golf and Ski Resort "Being a member of the Laurentian Chamber is an investment in our communities. By working together, we can help support businesses that allow The Range to grow and flourish."
  • Sam Stone Sam Stone Essentia Health