Ambassador Committee

Laurentian Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors are enthusiastic volunteers from the Laurentian Chamber membership who devote their time to help build member commitment and raise community awareness of the chamber.  Ambassadors are the vital public relations arm of the chamber and are committed to the success of the Laurentian Chamber business community.

Ambassadors are the face of the chamber and serve as advocates for the Chamber membership.

They are responsible for attending chamber events, encouraging member participation and encouraging non-members to become members of the chamber.

The Ambassador Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month at 5:15 at member businesses throughout the Laurentian Chamber communities.

2018 Laurentian Chamber Ambassadors
  • Kasey Sherek, Chair – New Trendz Tanning & Body Wellness
  • Lanis Aynes – Hometown Focus
  • Spencer Kerr – Menards
  • Linda Scott – Up North Title
  • Barbara Starken – The Lodge at Giant Ridge
  • Carla Tichy – Entrepreneur Fund
  • Aphten Helmle – AEOA
  • Aaron Johnson – AEOA
  • Deb Hunter – CFO ChemTreat-US Steel Division
  • Allison Smrekar
  • Bryan Swagger, Ken Waschke Auto Plaza
  • Luke Chopp, Wells Fargo
  • Jeff McNickle
  • Steve Johnson, AEOA
  • Britt See-Benes, City of Virginia
  • Dawn Berg
  • Nikki Aluni