Work Here

Northeastern Minnesota’s Iron Range and the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce’s service area is home to a variety of employment opportunities in fields such as healthcare, mining, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, recreation, finance, insurance, transportation, utilities, among others.

In fact, our Laurentian Chamber of Commerce service area is the central hub of the Iron Range, with a population base, as follows:

  • 60,133 (Population within 25 miles)
  • 93,321 (Population within 45 miles)

Only 29% (10,993) of workers commute at least 30 minutes to work.

Young adults are attracted and retained in the Laurentian Chamber community. There’s a higher percentage of young adults 18‐34 compared to other parts of northeastern Minnesota (20% vs. 17%).

Our region, as opposed to most of the country, is home to a strong middle class population*:

  • 28% with household income $30,000‐$59,000 per year
  • 24% with household income $60,000‐$99,999 per year
  • 12% with household income $100,000 or higher (*data population within 25 miles of Virginia)

The residents who live here also possess a very high technical education compared to others:

  • 15% with Associates Degree (vs. 7.9% nationally and 10.5% in Minnesota)
  • 18% with a Bachelor’s degree or more
  • 93% of the population with a high school degree or more (*data for population within 25 miles of Virginia)

For more information about the skilled workforce, employment info or to relocate or expand your business in northeastern Minnesota, call or email the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce at 218.741.2717. Or download our Business Portfolio for more in depth demographic information.

We can help connect you and your business to the people and organizations that connect our communities and move business forward in our region!